Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Comic Book Day!

Beyond Comics will host several cartoonists involved with Trickster who will sign their own books during Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 3:

At the Frederick (Md.) shop:
Evan Keeling (Crumbsnatchers)
Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm)

At the Gaithersburg (Md.) shop:
Matt Dembicki (Mr. Big, Spadefoot)
Andrew Cohen (Spadefoot, Howzit Funnies and Lawmonger)

I'll have sample art from Trickster!

Visit the shops, say hello, get some free comics (and buy some, too)!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'The Dangerous Beaver'

Cowlitz storyteller and editor Roy Wilson of Washington State compiled a book of Cowlitz stories (Legends of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe), most of which have been passed down among generations. What's unique is that he used original source material for many of the stories, either written or recorded. Roy, who served 32 years on his tribe's council, permitted us to use "The Dangerous Beaver," as told by family friend Mary Eyley in 1928. Small-press comics guru Jim "8ball" Coon of Upstate New York illustrated the story. Jim gave it a historical feel with the parchment-like texture he used on the pages, as if you were reading the original writing/rendering of the story.

Monday, April 21, 2008

'Trickster' Q-and-A

Robert Schmidt, a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who writes on business, gaming and multicultural subjects, did a brief Q&A with me and Christian Beranek, publisher of Little Foot Comics, about the scope of Trickster, how the idea came about and some of the bumps along the road. He has authored one book, The National Jobline Directory, and publishes Peace Party, the multicultural comic book featuring Native Americans. Rob, who describes himself as a "non-Native with no Cherokee princesses in his background," has studied Native issues extensively since 1990. He is presently developing various comic-book projects and his website,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'How the Alligator Got His Brown Scaly Skin'

Sometimes you wonder how certain pairings of writers and artists will work. Sometimes, they are simply a perfect match. Here's a wonderful story by Oklahoma Muscogee storyteller Joyce Bear called "How the Alligator Got His Brown Scaly Skin" illustrated by Megan Baehr. Savor this page and salivate that there's more to come!

Addendum: I'm always curious about the tools and materials artists use. Here's what Megan used to illustrate the story (which I swipped from her Web site -- "I used brown ink (Higgins) and watercolors (Winsor & Newton) on natural white, esparto pulp watercolor paper (Schoellershammer). I also used a bit of sepia Micron pen for the panel borders and word balloons which miraculously matched the Higgins ink PERFECTLY." She also created the font, using her own lettering.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eisner nod

This isn't directly related to Trickster, but the Postcards anthology, for which I wrote the short horror story "Send Louis His Underwear" (and illustrated by Trickster contributor and Canada's favorite comic-book illustrator Jason Copland) is up for an Eisner in the anthology catagory. Micah Farritor is another artist who has work in Postcards and is contributing to Trickster. Congrats, guys! Wouldn't it be swell to win it??

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

'Trickster' cover

The ultra-talented Peter Kuper ("Spy v. Spy" for Mad magazine, World War III Illustrated, Stop Forgetting to Remember) has done the cover for the Trickster book. It's remarkable. Now, I don't wanna fully show the cover yet, but here's a glimpse to whet your appetite!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Raven the Trickster"

Artist Jason Copland is plugging away at illustrating Alaskan storyteller John Active's "Raven the Trickster." I especially love the page below. The second panel is particularly catching because of the way it shows movement, the swinging back of forth of the whale's head, as it tries to...well, you'll see!