Friday, February 15, 2008

"Ishjinki and Buzzard"

Jimm Goodtracks, of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, retells the story of "Ishjinki and Buzzard" for the Trickster project. Jimm works on the Baxoje Jiwere Language Project, which is really interesting, so be sure to check out its site. (It also has an extensive bio of Jimm, which itself is very interesting.)

Artist Dimi Macheras, who recently transplanted from Alaska to Seattle, is rendering the story. Dimi illustrated the wonderful Strong Man comic, which offers a modern-day telling of the Tlingit tale. It was funded by the Association of Alaska School Boards. You can see the cover and order copies here. The Anchorage Daily News also did a nice article on that project.

Below is a basic but captivating layout Dimi did for one of the pages of Jimm's story.

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