Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'Trickster' is now available!

Trickster is now available at You can order here.
It will very soon be on the shelves of major bookstores and indie stories.
Thanks for your support!

And from the What Are You Reading column at Robot 6:
“Here’s a book that got me a lot more excited: Trickster, an anthology of Native American trickster tales. I’m not generally a big fan of folk tales, but the writing and the art really shine in this lively compilation. The stories are all written by Native American storytellers, so the tales are authentic, and the art is varied but always of high quality. I gave this book the ultimate test recently—I read one of the stories aloud to a class of fifth-graders—and they loved it. (The fact that the story was about a rabbit whose butt got stuck to a frozen lake probably helped.) The book is beautifully produced and a great read.”