Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Trickster' signing at Big Planet Comics

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Trickster signing! (An extra special thanks to Kevin, Greg, Jared and the rest of the Big Planet Comics staff for hosting us and for their hospitality.) Below are some pics of the event.

Cartoonists and Trickster artists Jerry Carr (left) and 
Mike Short look at some of the original art from the book.

(From left) Trickster artists Evan Keeling and Jacob Warrenfeltz
and Mike Rhode, who writes the comicsDC blog and the comics column
at the Washington City Paper.

(Sitting) Chris Piers and Jacob Warrenfeltz, (standing) Evan
Keeling, Andrew Cohen and Mike Short.

The traffic was steady for most of the two hours, but there were
 a few minutes where there seemed to be a concentrated rush. 

Trickster contributors (from left, sitting) Chris Piers, Jacob 
Warrenfeltz, Evan Keeling, Andrew Cohen (standing, signing),
Rand Arrington and Paul Zdepski. ((Standing in the back in
the green shirt is D.C. Conspiracy member Art Haupt.)

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